Friday, 10 February 2012

Selenium IDE Flow Control - Goto and While Loop

For looping statement you need to add selenium extension goto_sel_ide.js. You can get this from here .

Upload that file to selenium IDE

Options > options > selenium core extension

Below is sample script for  Flow Control




  1. Hi, I am very new to selenium. I have a quick question: how do i run the basic open command multiple times (around 100) using selenium IDE?

  2. You should go with parametrization, for reference you can visit -

    Let me know it works for you or not.

  3. I receive an error when clicking on gotoif ${diff2} > ${date2}
    (Unexpected Exception: fileName -> chrome://flowcontrol/content/extensions/goto-sel-ide.js?1364924293077, lineNumber -> 120, columnNumber -> 0)
    thanks for the help

  4. I received following error when i used gotoif command :

    [error] Unexpected Exception: SyntaxError: missing ; before statement. fileName -> chrome://flowcontrol/content/extensions/goto-sel-ide.js?1385377536483, lineNumber -> 129, columnNumber -> 1

  5. hi,
    Where can I find goto-sel-ide.js file as the link here directs to a page where telling the site getting closed. Could you please post it here again.

  6. here is the correct link for the "flow control" selenium ide plugin:

  7. This is not supported by latest firefox or selenium ide version