Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Software Testing

What is Software Testing?
It is an activity to evaluate and ensure the correctness and reliability of the software or program with respect to its requirements or expectation.
Importance of Software Testing:
For a while, just think that you are still in 1950 and you want to talk to a person who is at huge distance from you even without paying much money then it is just a dream. But not now .
Even the average person was never ready to buy a computer in his home due to it’s high costing but now its a common thing for us. Most of us can’t go a day without checking our emails or chat with friends/family now. We are depending on internet, gadgets, phone services and competitive medical services.
Software is everywhere and as it is created by people, it is not perfect. There are few examples as below.
  • Disney’s lion king : Program was not worked on all operating system and it became news for TV and Newspapers.
  • US patriot missile defense system: This system was used during gulf war as a defense system for Iraqi scud missiles. But during war, it was failed to do so. And approx 28 US soldiers were killed.During investigation, they have found that it was because of software bug. System timing was not much accurate after 14 hrs and during war, the system had been operated for more that 1000 hrs.
  • The Y2K [2000 year] bug: A programmer programmed a software such that it considered YY instead of YYYY just for saving memory. It was failed on end of 1999. It considered 00 and 01 instead of 2000 and 2001.It is estimated that several hundred millions of dollor were spent to update or replace the software which was worked like that.
From above case studies, it is cleared that impact of such software failure will be very serious with loss of image, lives or finance.
Due to such countless events create  importance of software testing automatically and now, it is becoming career for a life.

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