Wednesday, 2 September 2015

CSS Selectors for Selenium with example

This post is all about CSS selectors for selenium. CSS is faster and simpler than Xpath particularly in case of IE browser where Xpath works very slowly.

We can detect element in different ways as below


# Element by ID
Event is ID

# Element by Name
Query is name
css=input[name= Query]

# Element by Class
Example is class
css=.Example a

# Element by href

# Locating Child or subchild
Here a is child of div
css= div a

# Next sibling by + sign
Say Registration is ID and small is next sibling
#Registration + small

#Element name start with go

#Element name end with go

#Matching by inner text
Search is inner text

 #Choosing specific element

  • Automation Tools
  • QTP
  • Selenium
If we want to select the second li element (Selenium) in this list, we can use the nth-of-type, which will find the fourth li in the list.

css=ul#recordlist li:nth-of-type(2)

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