Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Java Essentials for a good Selenium Automation Tester

To become good selenium automation tester, you must be proficient with some concepts of java.
If you’re then you can write excellent code with selenium and java.

Below I have listed those java concepts which selenium tester must be proficient.

OOP’s concept - Class, Objects Polymorphism, Inheritance and Encapsulation.

Java Programming essentials - Object Instances, method overloading/overriding concepts and packages.

Looping statements – This will help us in scenarios like, iterating through a large table to find a record that you want and Running the same test for multiple numbers of times.

Control Statements – While, do-While, Switch, if statements – This will help us in writing the scripts for a multiple scenario statements and decision making scenarios.

Arrays Concepts – This will help us in having some set of data of same type in a static way.

Java Collections Framework – ArrayLists.

File Streams – This will be helpful in externalization of data through CSV, Excel or Java Properties file.


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